Shipping Destination  Estimated Arrival Cost
Australia 20-40 days Free
Belgium 17-29 days Free
Brazil 20-40 days Free
Canada 12-20 days Free
Chile 38-53 days Free
France 12-20 days Free
Germany 20-40 days Free
Israel 20-40 days Free
Italy 20-40 days Free
Netherlands 12-20 days Free
Norway 20-25 days Free
Poland 25-43 days Free
Russia 20-45 days Free
Spain 27-43 days Free
United Kingdom 20-40 days Free
United States of America  12-20 days Free


We ship to all countries worldwide from the United States and Asia for free (we do offer expedited shipping, which has an added fee). After you have completed your order, it typically takes 2-5 days to get your order shipped. In some cases we may ship your items in different packages to fulfill your order as fast as possible. If your country is not listed above, look for a surrounding country and the shipping time will be very similar. Alternatively, you can contact support to get an exact estimation sent to you for your residing country.

Once an order is placed, there is a 2-5 day processing time. During this time your order is being verified, packaged, and then shipped. The shipping times above are estimations, and in most cases are much faster than what is listed above. Please allow for the allotted time for your product to arrive. If you are unsure where your product is make sure to check the tracking number that is provided with each package sent. Please allow 45 days for the shipment to arrive before requesting a refund or reshipment.

Track your order at anytime here.